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  • Sam Michelle

    Sam Michelle is a New Zealand born Melbourne based full-time artist specialising in figure (mainly women) and peonies (a type of flower)…

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  • Atomic Element

    You’ve probably seen his intimate, edgy and just plain awesome photography all over the internet, not to mention in previous issues of Yume. You’ve…

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  • MuseLyfe

    Brittany Ann Ryan is no ordinary model. In fact it’s unfair to box this stunning LA artist into one single archetype when she’s got…

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  • Mash Up Artist

    With influences ranging from classical paintings to contemporary Japanese anime, young American artist Samantha Mash creates exquisite digital paintings that invite viewers to search…

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  • Chaos Theory

    Self taught Belgian illustrator Raphaël Vicenzi, better know as Mydeadpony, creates incredibly detailed yet ethereal illustrations bringing together elements of street art, graffiti and fashion.…

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  • For Love!

    Sydney based French illustrator Marguerite Sauvage gives us an insight behind her beautiful illustrations! Hello Marguerite! First up, I just wanted to say that…

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