Brittany Ann Ryan is no ordinary model. In fact it’s unfair to box this stunning LA artist into one single archetype when she’s got so many other creative outlets and ventures going on. One of those ventures is MuseLyfe, a new movement and subculture created with business partner Bekka Gunther. Captured here by LA based photographer Moisnomois, we spoke with Brittany about how her creative fire was lit as a child, to the inception of MuseLyfe and beyond.

Hi Brittany, it’s a pleasure to speak with you! I want to ask how your interest in modelling came about, in particular the type of art you produce which is more sensual and emotive?

The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for having me. I had an interest in modelling when I was a little girl but never classified it as “modelling” to me it was more so being creative.

Some fond memories that come to mind were when my Mother would take my sister and I to Goodwill in downtown Seattle and we would find props and cool vintage clothes to shoot in. My mother had a film camera and would hang up a white sheet using thumbtacks, setting the stage for my sister and I to create, express and be emotive. Experiencing that as a child created an addiction within me to document, to create scenarios and act them out using my body, eyes and energy.

My Mother emanates a empowering, dominating, sensual, and emotive personality. I guess as children we are all like sponges and we tend to soak up everything around us whether sub conscious or conscious. I did just that. So thanks Mom.

You show a fair amount of skin in some of your work. For most people the thought of exposing oneself in front of a camera can be quite intimidating. Have you always been comfortable in front of a camera and with your body?

For me, it’s like I have this constant itch that needs to be scratched. I need to express, my body and soul yearn for it. Like an artist needs to create, he needs to break out his pastels and get his hands dirty, express his emotion, his pain. I too, need that, my medium just happens to be different. I need to be a part of the process all the way through though, label me controlling, but directing gets me off too.


You’ve described yourself as more of an artist, not just a model. When did this realisation come about?

Everything I have done and am developing into has pushed me more into that category. I just have too many mediums to be boxed in as a “model” My passion runs deep for the creative process, whatever that my be, writing, photography, art direction, or modelling.

Recently, you’ve created a movement with fellow model/artist Bekka Gunther called ‘MuseLyfe’. Can you tell us what this is and how it came about?

MuseLyfe, my little diamond, was curated while I was living in China last year. Inspired while I was living abroad, around hundreds of “Muses” from all over the world. Their way of lyfe inspired me and there birthed MuseLyfe. When I returned to California, Bekka came over for a sleepover to catch up on each others lives, there I began to speak about MuseLyfe and she was instantly turned on and did not miss a beat. We were up all night having what we call “Brain Sex”, giving each other Braingasms. Perfecting our diamond and all of it’s facets.

A lot of people ask me what MuseLyfe is and what it is supposed to be, I’ve long prepared myself for these kinds of questions. To be honest, I refuse to box MuseLyfe in. I want MuseLyfe to have free range to develop into whatever it longs to be. The energy it emanates just screams passion, empowerment, sex, art, and pain. Bekka and I will continue to perfect and nurture it.

What sort of plans or projects can we expect from MuseLyfe in the near future?

We have a pretty incredible line up of curators who are riding the MuseLyfe train with us. We are currently shooting a short film and producing an exhibition in London this Fall. Anyone interested in the exhibition, please email us at Stay tuned with us on social media to not miss a beat.

Finally, a muse is typically a woman that can be a source of inspiration for an artist. As an artist yourself what inspires you?

Power, domination, sex, secrets, destruction and creation.


Brittany Ann Ryan (Los Angeles, USA) / tumblr / instagram
MuseLyfe / website / facebook / tumblr / instagram

Photography: Moisnomois (Los Angeles, USA) / website / tumblr / instagram

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