Yume Magazine #13

Yume Magazine #13 “Day Dreams” is out now!

Welcome to Day Dreams, our second special themed issue. With large parts of the world forced into some sort of lockdown for most of Twenty Twenty, we often found ourselves daydreaming of the outside world. Instead of being isolated inside our homes we imagined being isolated on a hidden beach instead. Or maybe deep inside a lush forest, a mountainside in the Greek islands or even on a private yacht about to sail into the sunset. Bringing these fantasies to life are nine incredible photographers and models from around the world. Last year we explored After Dark moments mostly in private indoor spaces. This year is all about Day Dreams out in the Sun. Good day and sweet dreams!


Cover: Viktoria Yarova x Spyro Zarifopoulos
Inside this issue: Salomé Lancolia x Emmanuel Grignon — Katherine P. x Pablo Almansa
Kristė Mineikytė x Robert Mishka — Jessica x Donat — Lucy x Truthtristan
Kate Dyakonova x Gerhard Merzeder — Nayeli Rose x Luke Craft — Clédia Fortin x François Fauré

Day Dreams is available in both print and digital download via MagCloud. This special issue is 96 pages with zero advertising.
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Huge thank you to all the amazing contributors to this issue, previous issues and our website for allowing us to share your incredible work.
Thank you to all our readers and followers for your love and support. We hope you enjoy this issue :)

— The Yume Team