5 minutes with Jose & Lauren


The Aussie artist and model Lauren Nicholas visited the states recently and worked with a number of talented photographers from Los Angeles and New York. It was during this whirlwind trip that she first met and worked with NYC photographer Jose Miguel, and they produced what would become one of two amazing cover features for Yume Magazine #8. Check out our interview with the talented duo from opposite ends of the world, along some outtakes from the cover feature Play Canvas.


Lauren, you visited the states last year and worked with a number of talented photographers around America. Can you tell us about your time there?

Lauren: This was my third time visiting America, but the first time that I had travelled there for modelling. Over 5 weeks I met with agencies in LA and shot with photographers in both LA and NY. Leaving home and experiencing a different perspective on the fashion industry was refreshing and insightful. I was lucky enough to meet the incredible New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham and his assistant John Kurdewan. They actually invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them!


Jose, was this your first time working with an Australian model? Can you tell us a bit about this shoot and your short time together?

Jose: Yes, and it almost didn’t happen because of the lovely metro system on a NYC weekend. She made it happen though. I was so happy when she arrived and pumped to create some amazing shots. I was beyond flattered, Lauren took some time for us to shoot despite her short stay. At first, I was like – “are you sure you want to shoot?” “I don’t have fancy glam sqauds.” A natural beauty like her doesn’t need one obviously. Australia did good!
Lauren: Shooting with Jose was an incredible experience. It was freeing to shoot as a small team, there was no pressure at all. Jose was extremely passionate about his work, and I was excited to be a part of his creative process.


How did you guys first get into your respective fields of work?

Lauren: I was approached by a scout when I was 17, but didn’t feel ready for the modelling world yet. So I waited a few years before I signed with Viviens Model Management.
Jose: Fresh out of dropping out of college, I had a dream to start my own network. The network idea was going to be for all the lazy people of the world to represent their hoods. This led to a website idea, which led to picking up a camera and falling in love with lighting. The lazy network became obsolete with the creation of Facebook.


What’s your favourite thing about being a photographer/model?

Lauren: I love being able to work with so many creative people and travel the world at the same time. I’m lucky enough to meet people that simply love collaborating to produce something unique and beautiful. Some of my favourite shoots are the most basic, where I get to work with film photographers and no makeup or styling at all.
Jose: Having learned the ability to read people. My bullshit meter is on pretty good. Even if you trick me, the lens sees everything. I serve as a interpreter between camera and subject a lot of the times. Photo analysis is a mother.


Yume means dream in Japanese. What are your dreams for 2015 and beyond? Will we get to see you two work together again sometime in the future?

Lauren: I’m an artist as well as a model, so I would like to focus on that aspect of my life while I also develop my modelling career. A huge dream of mine would be to live overseas for a while, and if that takes me back to America then I would shoot with Jose again in a heartbeat!
Jose: Establishing my own network is still my dream actually, just not for lazy people. We going to do the whole under- represented artist thing. I can not thank Yume enough to showing mad love in this starting phase where others avoid me like the plague. Lauren is amazing and obviously if and when she visits again, we going to create some next level yin yang.


Photography: Jose Miguel / tumblr / instagram
Model: Lauren Nicholas @ Vivien’s Model Management / instagram
Location: New York City, NY USA

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