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  • Erik Jones

    Abstract Art x Nude Figure Painting. Erik Jones’ vibrant art, featuring often nude female subjects juxtaposed with abstract shapes and colours, is a sight…

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  • Mitch Gobel

    Saving the Environment with Art. Mitch Gobel is a self-taught resin artist from the Mornington Peninsula and active supporter of wildlife and the environment.…

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  • Rachel Harris

    Visual Artist x Playboy Playmate. Blonde hair, blue eyes, voluptuous 32D breasts and even a bit of hair downstairs like your favourite playmates of…

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  • Tyson McAdoo

    Having worked for both Marvel and DC Comics it is only fitting for Tyson McAdoo to have an origin story straight out of a…

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  • Sam Michelle

    Sam Michelle is a New Zealand born Melbourne based full-time artist specialising in figure (mainly women) and peonies (a type of flower)…

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