JUNNNKTANK is an awesome arts and culture webzine based out of Montreal, Toronto. They showcase a range of inspiring individuals and artists with a focus on beauty, style, and inspiration, much like Yume Magazine but with much more in depth interviews.

So when JUNNNKTANK reached out to us for an interview we jumped at the chance. It was pretty fun being on the receiving end of the questions for once, as well as having the opportunity to share a bit of our story. Below is an excerpt from our conversation, read the full story here

“Like you mentioned about vinyl records, people will always read and appreciate print and that interaction will never be genuinely replicated in a digital format. Downloading or ‘liking’ something doesn’t have the same emotional significance as collecting records, books or magazines. I think with Yume we try to find a balance by offering both digital and print formats of our magazine. We know a lot of our readers appreciate the beauty of a nicely printed magazine while others prefer the cost and convenience of digital downloads.”

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