This One’s for the Kids (Print’s not dead)


We here at Yume are strong believers in the fact that print isn’t dead and in actual fact it is far from its grave.

Children’s books will be one form of print that lives for the longest. We all have that tattered well used book that we grew up with as children. Whether it’s Where the Wild Things Are or Green Eggs and Ham you will have one. A book that has survived 3 childhoods, 4 house moves and the 5 year garage sale, and despite all of this you have stumbled across it, time after time and stashed it away because it holds more then a great tale, but rather lifetimes of memories.

It gets harder and harder to find books as powerful now days. Not because they don’t exist, but more so because they have become harder to find. Because of this, Luke Saliba decided to write his own and he did so with great passion to inspire children to come.

Hold Tight: Maxwell Millers Book of Dreams, has an innocent charm and a sweetly simple message for its young readers – dare to dream. Dare to find pleasure and joy in building a world of magic and adventure in your imagination, in soaring beyond the clouds to find your castle in the air. Saliba’s cheeky, vibrant illustrations are a great aid to this endeavour; the splendid display of colours and motion infuses each page with a brilliant, childlike happiness.

“All I wanted to do was remind not just children but the world to dream as much as I do.”

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Written and Illustrated by Luke Saliba / web / facebook / instagram