The Black Arrow

The Black Arrow x MuseLyfe

“I am an illustrator and graphic artist from Philadelphia, USA. The Black Arrow is a project I created about two years ago to express my creative ideas and experiences through all forms of visual art. The idea of taking this project more seriously came up when my teacher, Al Grimaldi gave me a book on Salvador Dali’s work. It opened up my imagination to how powerful art can be and how it affects people.

This project is a collaboration with Brittany Ann Ryan and Bekka Gunther from MuseLyfe. Muse can be defined as a source of inspiration for an artist but can also be defined as something to think about and dream. The idea of connecting dreams and reality really interests me. I wanted to combine their fashion photography together with dark hallucination-like visuals.”

The Black Arrow (Philadelphia, USA) / website / facebook / instagram

1. The Black Arrow x MuseLyfe
2. Melpomene, mixed media, 107 x 169mm
3. Thalia, mixed media, 107 x 169mm

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