Sath is a street artist based in Mallorca, Spain. Sath uses figurative elements to create colourful pieces slightly surreal, and impossible situations or actions, but never neglecting the message. Everyday life situations melt and transform into new ones, implying a change of meaning from its original context. He pursues the idea of the re-contextualisation as a tool to construct new meanings. Using spray painting as his main colouring technique since 2002, this visual communicator shares his curiosity and thoughts through painting art, either on canvas or making a different use of urban environment mainly outside of the context of traditional art venues. Check out some of his works here and in Yume Magazine #9.



1. Binary System. (Mallorca, Spain 2013)
2. Love is in the H-air (Mallorca, Spain 2014)
3. Con-tenedor. (Mallorca, Spain 2012)

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