She had this twisted smile on her face, the kind that made her cheeks bubble. Sweat pooled in the napes of her neck, drizzling from her collarbones to the small gap between her breasts. Her bare chest heaved.


She threw me onto the bed.

Her panties dropped.

Ivey crawled forward, pressing her knees into the end of the mattress. There it was. A strip of pleasure emphasised by her fingers as she traced the curves of her body. Her fingers fell between the twine of her bush, parting her temple gates. It was the only pussy I’d seen that wasn’t my own. I trembled.

“What’s wrong?” She asked. Her lips parting, exaggerating every word. Is it wrong that I find myself turned on by the way she wraps her tongue around her lyrics? “Dianna,” the way she says my name … oh god. “Just relax. You’re so stiff.” She giggled and I couldn’t help it. I pressed my hand to hers, knotting our fingers, just to see her smile.

Ivey’s body arched. Her tanned skin flickered in the candlelight. I bit my lip to wake me from this dream. It only made Ivey caw.

She bent over like a promiscuous feline, licking my body in a smooth slick drag. She met my nipple as they stiffened and my neck snapped, my head planting against the headboard. We were level before I knew it, our sweat coalescing into one. The divide of our bodies was uncertain as she ground me like soft palms kneading dough. Our lips met and I couldn’t remember who I was or where, or why I was panting, all I knew was that the space between my thighs was burning with lust.

Our lips parted, noses resting on one another as we inhaled each other’s sins. The back of her nails slid down my body, plucking each rib like an angel playing the harp. Next was my hip, sticking from the place my once toned stomach owned, now youthful fingers, lingering, danced upon me.

Quick as a viper my back bowed. Her fingers were soft growing harder in all the right places as she stroked over my wet southern lips. I lost all shape of time as she pressed her fingers inside me. I could feel the sheets clenched tight within my fists, the heaving of my chest and the slow vigorous thrust of Ivey’s fingers. She kissed her way down to caress my hips. It was too hard to say how, or when, but the sheets were replaced with the back of Ivey’s head as she growled deep into my loins. My legs kicked, I moaned.

But I’m not thinking straight. This is wrong. This is dirty. This is…

Ivey twisted my hips, forcing me onto my stomach. She lifted my arse into the air and her warm tongue slipped between my thighs. I bit into the pillow with guilty thoughts. But I didn’t stop her.


No, it was too late for that.

Written by Jake Sandtner


Photo: Megan K Eagles [source]