Organic Love


I sold my heart,

wrapped in a bow and
placed in a brown paper bag
there it sat

my whole damn heart.

It was dusk,
the buyer enshadowed
as there
in a dim alley-way I sold it;
behind the back of a shop.

The bag dripped with blood and
they gripped it roughly
(too roughly, but It was no longer mine to say).

Inside, my heart lay scared
wrapped in a blue bow
(I am not very good at tying bows so the loops were uneven).

The air was frigid as it
lurked inside the hole in my chest,

I watched the brown paper bag
disappear into the night;
organs aching, as I looked down;

a brown paper bag sat at my feet
it was bloodied

and decorated with glitter.

Inside, was a heart
with a pink ribbon wrapped around it
tied in a bow.

On the bag
written in big black letters it said



Words: Moluck / website / facebook / instagram
Art: Courtney Ward / website / facebook / instagram
Location: Geelong, Australia