Mysteries of Distance


Andrew McGranahan is a graphic artist based in Northern California. Working primarily in the medium of collage (both analogue and digital), McGranahan creates stylish works ranging from lush neo-futuristic scenes to minimal surrealist art pieces. As well as creating numerous show posters and album covers, his work has been featured on Collage Collective Co., on the cover of Tape Op Magazine and will soon be featured and have prints for sale on Mammoth & Company. Check out some of his collage work below.

For I had not the faculty to see you, towering below

Bide your time for now, the avalanche is nigh

You won’t be able to find her, madness is in short supply

Sacrifice (The Guardians are Ravenous)


Artist: Andrew McGranahan (Northern California, USA) / website / instagram

Main image: Mysteries of Distance