Married to the Sea


Let’s take a dream boat, 
Just you and me, 
Let’s take a dream boat 
And get married to the sea.

I’ll be a captain,
You can be one too,
Two captains of a dream boat
Sailing in light of the moon.

We won’t need a map,
We needn’t take oars
For the dream boat will take us
To its destined shores.

Whenever we get there,
Where ever we go,
Our hands will dance through the water
Time, forever slow.

We’ll gaze to the sky,
Our heads laid on the sand,
The ocean will lay purple
It’s ours to command.

Once the sun rises
And the dawn, it starts to break,
The dream boat will come,
Home, us it will take.

As we return
Your mind, it will mist.
In the morning you will not remember
The place where we kissed.

But I will forever treasure
With a key locking it tight,
The time we took a dreamboat
And sailed off into the night.

Let’s take a dream boat,
Just you and me,
Let’s take a dream boat
And get married to the sea.

Words: Moluck / website / facebook / instagram
Art: Meredith Earls / website
Location: Geelong, Australia