Kayan Kwok


Kayan Kwok is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Hong Kong. She has been doing a project called “A poster per day for 365 days” making a poster per day till it hit 365 days. Vintage, retro, pin up, collage are the keywords for her works, Kayan also is fascinated by the American print advertisements from the 1920s to 1960s. “Collage has a surrealism background,” says Kayan. “But other then that, it also act like Alchemy, because you are putting stuff together from different places and times, the result is clearly unpredictable and this is what makes collage so fascinated.” Check out some of these awesome designs here and in Yume Magazine #9.

Day127 Day132

A Poster Per Day for 365 Days: 1. Day 126 / 2. Day 127 / 3. Day 132

Kayan Kwok (Hong Kong) / website / facebook / instagram
Yume Magazine #9 / buy now / read online