Daniel Choe

vacancy in thought_1

Daniel Choe is a freelance illustrator from Sacramento, USA and is definitely one to keep an eye on. Choe mixes highly detailed line work with elegant water colours to create some truly mesmerising pieces of art. “I’d like to perceive my works as an encompassment and visual representation of all my thinking and a way of expressing said thoughts,” says Choe in his artist statement. “And when a glimpse of any one creative endeavour comes to fruition, I am ecstatic to share it openly with all those willing to receive and be affected by them.” Choe kindly shared some of those endeavours with us for Yume Magazine #7, which we can now share with you here. Also make sure to check out ‘Scratch‘ an on-going project made up of countless illustrations, sketches, scribbles, doodles, designs and writing to make one very cool, very long and constantly updated vertical piece of art!

Daniel Choe (Sacramento, USA) / website / facebook / tumblr / instagram

a nurturing remembrance_1

1. Vacancy in Thought. Mixed media
2. A Nurturing Remembrance. Mixed media

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