Brandon Ancone

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Brandon Ancone is an artist and designer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. All Ancone needs for an ideal evening is a brush, a nice cocktail, a big piece of archival paper taped up to his apartment wall and his canine studio assistant Vinny, judging on from the couch. When not indulging his artistic pursuits Ancone is most likely found on something with wheels, attempting to get hopelessly lost in the woods, or partaking in anything involving the creation and/or consumption of food.

Brandon Ancone (Philadelphia, USA) / website / tumblr

ancone 2

1. Landscape No. 11 mixed media on stretched paper, 36 x 24
2. Landscape No. 13 (Monoliths) mixed media on stretched paper, 38 x 26

Yume Magazine #7 / read online / buy in print