YUME presents ‘APART’ by Derek Hui — featuring Jo Cardenas shot via FaceTime


“In light of recent global events, I think it was a good reminder that art will always be a reflection of society.
As society evolves and adapts to new challenges, so must the creatives behind and in front of the camera.

It was also a very humbling experience to be shown how FaceTime is such an incredible tool and was at my fingertips this entire time.
In hindsight, I think as a photographer I failed to recognise FaceTime as a tool because sometimes as creatives we tend to look down on low fidelity mediums.

I hope this new way to photograph continues even after we’ve overcome the current situation.
It was refreshing and inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what others create through FaceTime.”

– Derek Hui







Photography: Derek Hui (Toronto, Canada) — instagram
Model: Jo Cardenas (Los Angeles, USA) — instagram
Location: Online shoot via FaceTime