3 Days in Paris

Angela, Clara and Joséphine photographed by Julien LRVR for YUME.

“I posted an Instagram story that said I’ll be in Paris for 3 days in January. Clara, Angela and Josephine replied for a photoshoot.

An hour after I arrived in Paris Angela came to work. She was really friendly and brought a lot of beautiful French lingerie from Atelier Amour. It was hard to choose one to shoot. The next day, Josephine came to shoot. I decided to shoot in the shower where the light was nice. She saw the mirror and asked me the use it which was a good idea. *Ringtone* Clara is calling, “I’m free now if you want?”. Clara arrived as I finish the shoot with Josephine. She tells Josephine “your butt is really nice!”. I know Clara and I want to shoot her in beautiful poses like a dancer. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.

So 3 days, 3 models, 1 location. As usual, the shoots were a real pleasure, natural light, good mood and the results were beautiful.” — Julien LRVR

Photography: Julien LRVR — instagram
Models (in order of appearance):
Angela Rei — instagram
Clara Rene — instagram
Joséphine Lecar — instagram
Location: Paris, France