Confident in my Skin


Montana Lower photographed by Simon Everiss for #CONFIDENTINMYSKIN x YUME.

Confidence is something that so many people struggle with and body shaming is a massive issue in today’s society. Too many people insult complete strangers over social media while hiding behind a keyboard. Just remember that these people judge only the outside. They don’t know your journey or how many obstacles you’ve had to overcome. Whether you’re considered overweight or too skinny they don’t realise how hard it is for some people to lose or gain weight.

“I am not a stranger to body shaming. And I won’t be the first to touch on the unfairness of how easily people skinny shame compared to fat shame. I won’t pretend it only started happening in my life since social media popped its head up either. I, among many of us, though on the ‘popular’ side of things, still faced bullying for the majority of my high school life and beyond because of my body. The saddest part being that it was predominately from older girls. Girls who didn’t even know me, who knew how it would make me feel and who later apologised and expressed their envy and stupidity. Girl’s who also never gave it a second thought. Girls. Not women.
My mother named me Montana because since the beginning of my curious, weary and dimpled little face — she knew I would stand tall and strong. Unweathered from my environment, just like the mountains. And if I can tap into this wonderful being, for all the confidence she has poured into me, and share even a drop with you — I would feel honoured.
So go stand in front of the mirror, or the person you love, or run around in a bloody forest with your dog – leave your clothing behind and flash a big cheeky grin. Embrace your body, your vessel for your soul, and you tell your body “Thank you magical scientific wonderland for everything you let me do — But you do not define me!”
And tell someone else how wonderful they are too. Because with enough body confidence… the rest of the associated negative bullshit doesn’t matter.”
— Montana Lower

Brisbane model Montana Lower recently flew down to Sydney to be part of Simon Everiss’ project #confidentinmyskin. It’s a movement against body shaming that connects with people who experience negativity based on the way they look. These comments often lead to other issues like depression, self-harm or even suicide. This project isn’t about showing photos of people who are extremely thin or visa versa. It’s about making others aware that body shaming and bullying is not acceptable. Our goal is to help others realise that they are not alone.

Simon is currently looking for people with social media influence and those who also may have experienced body shaming or negativity and would like to share their story. They will spread this message whilst celebrating their bodies. Capturing a beautiful shot that shows what their body shape is and having the confidence to put themselves out there is empowering. Contact him through his website or instagram for more info.






Feel comfortable with your body, it’s beautiful. Be part of the movement.

#confidentinmyskin — @yourbodyshot

Photography: Simon Everiss — websiteinstagram
Model: Montana Lower @ Vivien’s Models — instagram
Location: Sydney, Australia